3D Print Ridiculously Large Objects

Build frames for your projects—from drones to geodesic domes.

Build Big Things

With Modwerk, you aren’t limited to the size of your 3D printer. You can build objects as small as your thumb to structures as big as your home (or even bigger).

Experiment With Shapes

Modwerk makes it easy to import custom geometry so you can rapidly experiment with various shapes for your project.

Adapt with Materials

You can use many materials for your project and aren’t limited 3d printing (think CNC). Customize your frame to fit off-the-shelf materials like wooden dowels, PVC pipe, and rigid metal tubing.

Additional Features


  • Export Frame Connectors as STL files
  • Create connectors for any size rod
  • Import custom shapes

With Account (coming soon)

  • Save and load previous projects